Monday, June 8, 2009


Aren't they adorable? When they need foods or attention, they will just harrass your legs. Give them a cotton ball and you'll adore at their antiques and agility. Harrass them at their tummy, and you may get some bruise hands.

By the way, it's been quite some time that my family raised a kitten. What I mean is, our house now seems like a well-known pet house among cats or dogs. I don't know if it's from their own word of mouth, but since the past few years, we never short of a pet. Make it a stray or someone else's cat, they somehow will stay within the house compound. We lost a few cats and dogs before, either being hit by a car or they 'migrated', but in just a week or two another will come.

Now we have three cats making our house their home. Two male and a female. The brown male was a stray, filthy cat. It was in a terible shape last time, so we fed him with cat food. Months passed, and it grew bigger, healthier and tidy and almost Garfield look-alike. But being a male, it doesn't stay home a lot. The cats in this blog is out another male cat, and my uncle's cat which is cute with its crossed eye features.

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