Monday, June 15, 2009

Pancras and Grace second wedding reception

After covering for their first wedding reception in Lawas, I was again asked to do the same for the second one in Grace's own village, Kampung Peninjau Lama in Bau. I happily obliged as it was quite near to my home while I'm looking for more experiences in such weddings. Wedding receptions done in villages are usually more relaxed and often merrier than those in hotels or restaurants. You are bound to certain rules and time limit too.

Waiting for the guests.

Pouring liquor for 'sadong' purposes.

The lovely couple.

Pancras and Grace's reception offered more than just free flow of beers and foods. Guests come to celebrate the couple's big day and having a good time with friends and families. Apart from being entertained by the music band and karaokes, there would be an 'open floor' for guest to belt out their dance moves till morning. Others would just chat around meeting old friends or making new ones.

Delicious indeed!

Cake-cutting ceremony and the toast follows.

The entertaining moment of the night!

Again I would like to thank the couple for giving me the opportunity to cover their second reception.


  1. seem like u become a wedding photog oledi ah..hehe..nice man..only the part they eating the cake abit underexpose to me..maybe it is time to get a f58..haha

  2. hahaha. just one wedding la fren. i was offered other weddings too but sadly i'm back in kch for holidays so have to decline. yeah, if got that cobra sure no masalah underexpose one. hahaha. harap2 ada duit soon.

  3. haha..1 follow by another 1 then another 1..haha

    cobra can do the job...or...get a A700/A900..haha
    sure no need cobra also bright enough...kekeke

  4. the last photo make me feel want to join berjogeth together... eh...wahhh....

  5. yeaw : a750(kalau ada) la alang2. ahhah. thinking of upgrading but better wait a while. 2nd hand a700 hopefully reachable soon. hehe. btw, still using ur vivitar as 2nd flash? how u fire it wirelessly?

    kenny : eeeehhaaaaa geng. hahaha. sayang i'm the photog. if not memang will join. luckily no palau that night. :D

  6. im sure there was POco Poco that night.

  7. gerenti. lagu joget and dangdut,, but the dance will always be poco2. haha.