Friday, June 5, 2009

Novotel Hotel, 1 Borneo Kota Kinabalu Mini Review

What can I say about this hotel? It provides great service(and quite fast too if you request for something) and a suitable location for most of your holiday or work needs. Located within the same building as 1 Borneo Shopping Mall, shops, food outlets and movies centres are all within walking distances. The room rates are reasonable given the facilities and convenience that the hotel provides for its guest.

The lobby.

Some nice decorations at the lobby.

Two Macs provided at the lobby for your browsing pleasure.

I stayed there for two nights and it was great. Internet access is provided via lan cable(no wifi in the rooms) and you can request for an extra bed for free! Apart from the basic amenities, rooms are equipped with a dvd player, a small fridge and a wall mount lcd TV. The dvd player is a nice touch. Besides, shops selling movie cds are available at 1 Borneo.

The see-through window to the bathroom...for the kinkier side of you!

Nice colours, nice packaging with a little bit of mint on everything.

1 Borneo provides ample parking with security guards at the basement as apart from Novotel, there's another three hotels located within the same vicinity. There's the in-house restaurant and the lobby lounge for the guest to dine. The outdoor pool with a bar attached is great for families but there's one thing that I think needs to be rectified soon. I'm an active person, and I exercise regularly. But the hotel only provides meagre fitness machines, only three and placed in a very small area. I've been to other hotels that doesn't provides superb room amenities, but their fitness rooms are well equipped.

Other than that, I would recommend this hotel for everyone. Happy holidaying!


  1. looks like you travel alot tubik.

  2. haha. jarang lah. besides my family was here in kk so they stayed there. i tumpang sekaki.