Thursday, June 18, 2009

Framing family

My cousin Angela previously asked me to do a photoshoot of her and my other cousin and my sis one day when I'm back for the holidays. I happily agreed as I do want to have more of these kind of shot. My compositions are still poor and I'm still looking for the perfect balance of camera settings and the usage of flash if applicable.

My cousins Nadia(left) and Angela(right) and my sis Stephanie in the middle.

Hence we picked our uncle's place at Semeba, Kuching for the session. The place was a bit hilly, overlooking Mount Serapi and Singai. All shots taken using 50mm, and F42 on top as fill(bounced flash).

On a Suzuki jeep. My uncle has three of those!

With our uncle, who is feeding his catfish(ikan keli).


  1. cis Stephie is your sister!!!! padauhal. small world.

  2. hahaha. small world indeed. she did tell me about u too. bah, next time we meet up lah go street shooting. hahaha.