Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yamaha YG521M-R guitar

I recently acquired a used Yamaha YG521M-R guitar. It's black in colour, 24 frets with a reverse headstock(i love those!). Just one problem, I can't look for the specs or infos about this guitar, and some of it are in Japanese.

I sought the help from fellow forummers in and i got some little infos. It's Yamaha logo on the headstock is using the old font, so I'm assuming it would be somewhat a vintage guitar. A fellow forummer is also helping as he's able to read Japanese and I'm looking foward for his reply.

Anyway, this guitar in need of major servicing. The frets, neck, and the electronics and knobs needs some cleaning, dusting and i think the body might need a new paint. Nevertheless, I will wait for the information first before I proceed with the servicing. I wonder how much would it cost me later.

p/s Now I'm at home in Bau celebrating Gawai soon. To all who celebrate Gawai, Siramat Onu Gawai!

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