Monday, May 18, 2009

A religious Transformers?

I can't wait for the sequel of the Transformer's 'Revenge Of the Fallen' which trailers have been hits on Youtube. I'm a fan of the series when I was growing up, being Optimus Prime(like most people) is my favourite Autobots.

Anyway, I went to church yesterday when I saw a transformer. But just the banner. It was set up for a camp for Christian youths at Papar. What strike me the most is logo which uses the Autobots symbol which carries a cross on the forehead. Personally I like the idea as the theme for the youth camp is 'Transform!'. And what a better logo to use than the Autobots itself. It can automatically attract the attention of us there.

Speaking of the movie, I'm still hoping that some movie producers will make a movie about my other favourite cartoon, MASK. Not The Mask, it's the Mobile Attack Strike Kommand aired in the Eighties. We Eighties kids sure have lots of interesting and memorable cartoons to watch.


  1. KLites r wear MASK becasue of the H1N1

  2. aduh. but a good thing too. jgn jak merebak jauh2.

  3. yalor. same like me lor... cannot tahan oledi.