Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let the sound do the talking

Last Monday a friend of mine invited me to a gathering of his around Lawas town. It is a group of friends who had something in common, the love for in car entertainment(ICE). He knew that I would want to shoot something like this. I went there with my equipment and starts shooting. Little did I know that it wasn't as easy.

I went there around 7 pm and I find it difficult to get some nice shots and composition even with my flash. All of his friends opened up their car bonnet to show their systems, with all the neons lighted up. Somehow its my responsibility to bring the best from each car.

Here are some of the shots that I took but still I'm not impressed with most of it.


  1. nice ICE but I think you should do it during day time if possible to avoid harsh lighting. Or you may try something different like having one of ur remote speedlight inside the car.
    just my 2 cents!

  2. no problem bro. every cent worth something. i'm still not good at using light, especially getting soft ones. this one especially was done to try out how would i fare. thanks again. hopefully next time better. :D

  3. when u cuti2, lets get together n hunt for cool cars around kch n else where!

  4. aite set bro. good thing to do too as i dun have much activities to do when i'm back. not much kawan kamera also. will keep in touch when i'm home. :D