Monday, May 4, 2009

My first wedding photoshoot...Pancras and Grace

Last Saturday I attended my friend, Pancras Meluda and his wife Grace wedding ceremony at St. Martin's church, Lawas. It was a simple yet lovely ceremony. Meluda didn't manage to get a proper photographer for his big day, so he asked me to shoot as he knows that I'm his only friend who owned a dlsr. At first I was reluctant, knowing that if I don't do my best, coupled with meagre lens kit, I would screw up everything. After some reassuring and he looked determined to get me to take his wedding photos, I finally agreed.

I did some homework prior to the event. This was my first unofficial assignment so I want to produce my best with what I have. Even though I'm just helping a friend, but as a photographer, I really want to capture all the best moments. I googled up informations about wedding photos post-processing tips. Lastly, charged my cam's and flash batteries.

So on the wedding day itself, I shot photos that I think will look good when developed later. At least they will remember that I covered the event too. Besides, if I think back, I do need something like this to improve my skills and techniques. When the church ceremony was over however, Meluda approached me and handed me an envelope. Inside was two RM50 notes. He smiled and walked away to Grace. I was stunned for a while. An initial request and my willingness to help a friend, had become a paid service. Then I realise that I had to do more than just taking photos. I must make their day a memorable one. Here's some of the photos I took during the ceremony.

I processed, developed and compiled in a photo album some of their photos as their wedding gift. All in all, I think there's a lot of improvement that I need to do for my shots and post-processing techniques. I might need a fast lens too. Nevertheless, thank you Meluda and Grace for giving me the opportunity to cover your big day.

p/s...Just feeling a bit down today. My aunt just passed away after years of battling with kidney problems. May God bless her.


  1. bot bad tubik.
    im so envy with ur 50mm f1.7

  2. hehe. thanks geng. that 50mm is kind of a must have lens. only the first photo above taken with that. the rest with my kitty. i'm aiming for f2.8 lenses if got money later.

  3. aduh, dun use the word "if"....
    sure boleh.

  4. haha. yeap, in a year's time i guess. haha. always thinking of the tammy 70-200 f2.8. would help a lot if i have those. there's another couple asked me to take their wedding photos but sadly it falls on the day i'm going back to kch.

    kenny : thanks mate.