Thursday, May 14, 2009

Honda EX5, final update before unveiling.

Finally, after months of delay and difficulties, both of us assembled back the bike. We had some problems especially on the new exhaust and the throttle cable. The exhaust didn't fit the panel that was holding it, so some knock was needed. The throttle cable need some adjustment after we connected it back to the carburetor.

Nevertheless, I was ecstatic to see the bike even without some if its panel. It was getting late so we are going to continue the process later. Can't stop staring at the whole thing and reminiscing the things we've gone through. But the enjoyment and satisfaction wiped away all the tiredness.

My cousin said the colour reminded him of American Chopper's Comanche bike. The fade black blends nicely with the sparkling silver. Maybe I might call my EX5 Comanche too. What do you think? All photos taken with 50mm and bounced flash.


  1. uinah...flat black bike bro...memang look like comanche..hehe..tidak mo kasih lowered lagi?

    cant wait to see the final shot...kasih photoshoot sana dia..american chopper stlye..haha

  2. haha. mo american chopper style kena guna kanvas besar bro sama lighting cukup. haha. depan suda lowered cikit tapi belakang standart. mana bleh lowered sgt, tgk badan dulu. besar2 suma. mampus moto mo bawa jalan nanti. hahaha. by next week mo kasi photoshoot lah ni moto. x sabar eh.

  3. ah reminds me of my yamaha ss. kelak aku carik gmbr nya.

  4. wah. similar project? cari cepat2. luckily the bike startable after 4 months. fuh...lega.