Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My little Asus Eee Pc 904

I used this netbook for a few months now and even though it's specs might not please some users, it definitely serve most of my needs. I love it for its size, weight and it fits most of my bags now. Easier for me to bring it anywhere. Although powered only by Intel Celeron 900 mhz processor and 1 gb of ram, I can do simple photo editing(not photoshop or raw therapee though), all my MS Office tasks and internet mobility. Batteries can last for more than four hours.

Recently the left speaker died. It will only when work the back panel of the speaker is pressed hard. So I planned to send it back to the shop where I bought it. They directed me to Highpoint Service Centre in Sadong Jaya. The service centre caters for most big names in the computing industry. The assistant at the centre told me that it might take about two weeks for repair.

Three weeks passed, and still there's no sign of the netbook is being repaired. The whole process actually can be viewed from their website. You just need to key in the service number and it will display the status of the item you sent in for warranty. As for me, it still display 'open', and 'shortage of parts'. I also read their claims that some customers can even get their sent item in a day. Guess that only applicable for customers in KL.

At the end of week three, I need the netbook badly as I'm bringing it for outstation. Called the service centre on Wednesday and told them I'm planning to get it by Friday even though it hasn't been repaired. I was informed that the replacement parts might come in by Thursday or Friday. I said I have to take it back for work.

When I went to the service centre on Friday, they told me that the parts might be in by next week(this week Monday or Tuesday to be exact) and they will call back so that I can send the netbook back to them. Till now I haven't received any call, and what irk me the most is that some of the buttons are not functioning now. The volume, mute, display, wireless on/off and even the four express key just below the lcd display are useless. Luckilly it only affect the minor functions of the keyboard and the netbook itself.

I will call the service centre soon to enquire the availability of the replacement parts before sending it back for repair. Just felt unsatisfied with the service.

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