Monday, May 18, 2009

Maswings Twin Otter

It seats 20, small, light, loud turboprop powered engines and capable of providing some thrill ride, the DHC-6 Twin Otter is the only mode of transportation by air to Lawas. The Twin Otter is still being used in some inferior towns in Sabah and Sarawak due to it's capability to land and take off from a short runway.

I was skeptical when I first boarded this plane back in 1994 when I got posted to Lawas. I have heard of it but never knew that it would look that small. I was wondering if it can fly 19 of us safely to Lawas. To my suprise, it was a fun ride. The seats maybe small and it comes with no headrest just like old buses, but I enjoyed the entire 45 minutes flight. The pilot would maneuvre the plane away from big clouds and it felt just like the simulation game you get from theme parks.

But the real thrill happened when it comes to landing. As we approached the landing strip, I could see the runway from the pilot's cockpit! The normal landing route would require the plane to pass over the town and a small resindential area. So the pilot had to 'dive' the plane a bit to land. Huge sighs can be heard from the passengers when the plane finally landed. And I, still got goosebumps everytime I board it, and even close my eyes when it's time for landing.

Want some more thrills? Wait till it rains. :D

p/s I saw a TUDM plane hovering Lawas last week which is my first after 6 years staying here. It tried to land and quickly it rose up twice. Maybe it's trying to gauge the runway. It was quite a magnificent view of the plane taken from my house.


  1. aiseymen. boh camya pok. the cheapest sony lens ku pakei ya. mun g lens tek ok lah. haha. mok juak pun, sik mampu mok beli nok lain dolok. simpan2.