Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update for the Asus EEE netbook

This is an update for my previous post dated 13th May about the EEE pc that I owned.

Guess what? Just received a call from Highpoint saying that the parts have arrived and asked me to send the laptop there for servicing. I remembered that they told me it would come on the week when I blogged about my EEE. What the? Its already almost two weeks after that then the parts really arrived. I was wondering if I didn't take my EEE in the first place from them, it would just be there, left unattended.

I don't know how long would it take them to replace the faulty parts if I send this EEE, and I haven't inform them about the problems arised when I took it back from them few weeks ago; the malfunction buttons and such.

Really hope that this will be the last time I'm sending my EEE there as the service kind of slow. Hmm...

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