Thursday, May 7, 2009

St. Paul's Chapel on the hill...a closer look.

I went there for the second time and lucky for me the gate was opened although there wasn't anybody there. So I slowly drove in and parked the car. The chapel was quite big, with beautiful landscape surrounding the place to make Sunday service a pleasant one.

Two-tiered staircase.

The grotto.

I thought that the chapel was closed but when I walked to the side of it, two of its doors were opened. I was amazed of what I saw inside. The glass ornaments at the walls adds to a nice ambient light into it. The place was well laid out, the altar was small but nicely decorated.

Nicely laid out tiles and colours.

Choir section at the back. I personally think having choirs at the back projected a better sound distribution and add to the overall surround sound.

The bench are fitted with cushions which is comfortable. The cream colours fits the wooden bench nicely. I personally like the idea of cushioning especially when I'm kneeling. Getting up is a bit hard for a big guy like me if my knees are not cushioned enough. I normally use my sandals during Sunday service.

The parking space might not be enough from my opinions. I always encountered full, packed churches with cars parked right to the main road.


  1. take full view of the chapel? look nice..i never been there before

  2. dunno if this fits what you want bro, but here's the previous entry about this chapel. couldn't get almost full view of it as got obstruction by the chapel's gate.

    if you want the unedited pic, give me your email and i'll send it to you. :D

  3. it's actually located around 20 mins drive from KK. Along Donggongon - Papar old road.