Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Basic Athletics Course

Last week I attended a basic athletics course jointly organised by Lawas Education Department and Sarawak Teaching Institute. The course was given by STI's head of Physical Education deparment Tuan Haji Hassan Nor and Mr. Sain Datok. The aim was to provide exposure for proper athletics training to the teachers here.

Tuan Haji briefed us about the day's activities.

The moment that everybody have been waiting for...eating time. The day was very hot.

Shotputing is fun!

Being a teacher which involved in the student's training for the annual school's sports meet for the past five years, I looked foward towards this to enhance my knowledge and experiences. The one and a half day course provided us with the theories of traning and we did some training on the field too.

Mr. Usang gave briefed us about discus event.

One of the exercises.

Mr. Sain Datok on javelin.

One of the field events that I dislike. Haven't mastered the correct technique since high school. I only know how to teach my athletes but cannot perform them.

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