Monday, July 13, 2009

An afternoon with the Tokina 28-70mmm f2.8,,,updated

Haih. Today(now) is hot as without any warnings the electricity was cut off. The whole town is having blackout now. Actually I was in a school data workshop but had to be done tomorrow morning because of this. Lucky for me, my lappie still have some juice so I'm able to get online. Anyway, I still want to discover the capabilities of the Tokina so I had a short sample shootouts, again at the backyard of my house just now. Yeaw this is for you. :D

1/250, f4, iso200, 28mm

1/250, f4, iso200, 70mm

1/80, f8, iso200, 70mm

1/400, f4, iso200, 28mm

1/160, f4, iso200, 70mm

1/80, f8, iso200, 70mm

Sorry my backyard only have these to shoot. Somehow odd places do have something interesting that we can capture.

update : I went out today for a small shoot around Lawas town. My previous entries were all on vivid settings for the camera. This time I'm using standard settings.

Even on standard settings, the colour is well balanced just a little bit soft than Minolta's.

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