Friday, July 10, 2009

Tokina and Tamron night shots


Tested the Tokina for a while last night before sleeping. Overall quality was good. Built quality is impressive although the design looks kind of ol' school compared to the other lenses I have. From what I read, the photos from this is soft at f2.8 but it's getting sharper on aperture f4 and above.

1/30. f2.8, iso400 50mm

1/40, f2.8, iso400, 70mm

1/10, f2.8, isoo400, 50mm

1/13, f2.8, iso400, 50mm

After dinner today, I went to Tanjung Aru to try some night shots using both the Tamron and Tokina. I was hoping for a show, or a live band going on but there wasn't any so I just shot other things there. All shots were taken handheld. Forgot to bring my tripod once again.

1/50, f2.8, iso200, 45mm

1/30, f2.8, iso200, 55mm

1/60, f2.8, iso200, 70mm

Then the aperture value is changed to f4.

1/40, f4, iso400, 35mm

1/8, f4, iso400, 28mm

Going closer. Indeed sharper at f4.

The Tamron is up and going steady as well.

1/13, f4, iso400, 200mm

1/13, f4, iso400, 200mm

Cropped. A tripod or monopod would help eliminate blurs.

1/13, f4, iso 400, 200mm

1/13, f4, iso400, 200mm


  1. Love your blog man... Tons of alpha infos... Kipidap... walaupun sorang jak alpha user kat Lawas...

  2. Thanks bro. Not much la on alpha. Only sharing what I know. Sorang pun sorang janji unik and happy. Hahah. Thanks for the visit too. Hope you've been poisoned. Haha.

  3. was that Asus 901 u r using? ^^
    am using white Asus 901 lehhhh~

    I'm planning to get one SAL18-250 1st ..then my next target is Tammy 70-200/f2.8 ^^

    What is d downside for this Tammy ya?

  4. hye bro thanks for the visit. i'm using the 904 hd. love the white2 colours. hahaha. the downside? a bit slower than the sigma or sony. just a bit bro. from what i read the tammy's iq is superb. go get your target fast2. hehe.