Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Octopus Pop Up flash diffuser simple review

This shouldn't be call a review. I call it a tryout as I'm not that good in giving reviews especially when it comes to cameras and its technical stuffs. Anyway, I just bought this diffuser for RM30. It comes with the diffuser legs that attached to the hotshoe and three diffuser of different colours; white, blue and orange. What is the use of this diffuser if you may ask. It's a device that helps diffuse or scatters light, to give a soft and even light to the subject. It's useful for most shots that uses flash, especially when taking potraits. A good, diffuse light will produce nice images with balanced colours.

What's in the package.

How it looked when mounted on the camera.

There's some space in between the pop-up flash and the diffuser.

Here's some test shots. First shot without, second one using the diffuser.


Even lighting produce good details on the Gundam's parts. Colours produced is exactly like the original.

Tamron cap.

Less harsh light on the cap especially at the edges.

WD-40 aerosol tin.

Warmer colours(white diffuser used), and better details especially on the cap.

Better looking.

The only downside of using diffusers is that it will take a lot of the flash power. As from my photos, I had to lower down the shutter speed to get the subject well-lit. Apart from that, it will a good addition for photographers who depends much on their pop-ups.


  1. hi..

    thanks for the sample

    really useful

  2. no problem. thanks for reading the simple tryout and visiting. cheers!

  3. Nice info...
    Can take again photos with and without the diffuser using the following settings:

    Manual mode
    Shutter 1/100
    Aperture f/3.5 (or largest)
    Spot metering.
    Center focus area.
    Don't zoom in.
    Take photos at the same distance.

    Thank you so much...

  4. Halo bro. Sorry to say that I sold all my kit, and do not have any to try the settings you mentioned. Sorry again.