Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lens testing

While waiting for my car to be serviced last Saturday morning, I took some photos using the Tokina.

1/320, f8, iso 100, 45mm

1/160, f8, iso 100, 70mm

1/320, f8. iso100, 70mm

1/20, f4, iso100, 55mm

1/30, f4, iso100, 55mm

1/15, f4, iso100, 35mm

I was happy with the results from this aged lens. The focusing is fast(should be faster on a700 or a900) and accurate and the ability to go wide open is a bonus just in case I need those. I like the weight of the lens too, just nice and stable when attached to the camera. The Sony lens was a good performer too, sharp with accurate colors produced. Definitely a worthy upgrade from kit lenses.

1/640, f8, iso100, 16mm

1/320, f8, iso100, 70mm

1/640, f8, iso100, 35mm

1/320, f8, iso100, 50mm

Later in the evening, I went to Tanjung Aru(again???) for sightseeing and getting some fresh fruits. The water guava there...slurpssss! Its crunchiness, taste...yummmyy! Opps, out of topic. Back to the post. Was hoping for a sunset but the it rained earlier.

Tamron at 1/8, f2.8, iso 400, 70mm

Tamron at 1/8, f2.8, iso400, 90mm

Luckilly there was a cultural show going on at night. Time to test the Tammy while munching guavas. Heaven in my mouth...

1/8, f4, iso400, 90mm

1/8, f4, iso400, 150mm

1/8, f4, iso400, 70mm

1/8, f4, iso400, 70mm

The Tamron and Tokina still hunts for AF here and there but so far I can live with its slower focussing than HSM or SSM's motors on Siggy and Sony G's. Anyway, I want to welcome a new addition to the alpha family. Will tell more later.

The neck-breaker cobra! Hehe.


  1. wahhh... u bought so many lens and now the cobra.. im gotta say im so jealous of you hehehe.. niway.. love the selingan , air jambu.. guava.. slurrrppp...

  2. Just upgrading a bit bro after saving my money. Thought of getting a new body but lens and flash would do justice more. Later you will also upgrade lah don't worry. Who knows next time we have TT together, bleh try test everything.