Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tamron 70200 test shots...

Boy I like this new lens. Although it gave me some minor pains but the output matters the most. The bokeh is amazing, the AF is quite fast and it's the lightest among all 70200s for Alpha. Did some shots again yesterday. I think I'm enjoying photography more with this lens. I have not tried it indoors. I'm sure it will hunt a lot for autofocus. Maybe I'll try praticing manual focussing from now on.

The place. My own backyard.

1/500, f4, iso 100, 200mm.


1/80, f8, iso100, 200mm.

Bring it closer...

1/500, f4, iso100, 200mm.

1/320, f4, iso100, 200mm.

Come on closer.

Hey, there's another cat. Ran away when I opened the back door but stop after the gate. Maybe he's in awe of the Tammy. Hehe.

He doesn't look impressed. Haha.