Sunday, July 26, 2009

When will they ever learn?

Shot these when I was at Limbang this morning. The Purnama Hotel is under renovation. It's repainted to a new colorful scheme which I do find it nice and interesting. Besides, it's the only tall building in Limbang which serves as its landmark. But, what I do find disturbing is that I saw some workers doing the renovation process, but without the safety net covering the platforms. I don't see any safety harness used by them too.

A life's at risk, for the comfort of other people.

Dude, where's your safety hat?

I think I read somewhere that it is compulsory for these workers to use safety harness, and the platforms are covered by safety nets. You wouldn't want to see people on ground being hit on the head by a fallen tool, or somebody having serious injuries due to a fall. That would be nasty.

It's for decoration purposes.

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