Monday, July 27, 2009

Arios and the wild

Tried something different with my Arios. Normally Gundam poses would be menacing and tough looks equipped with poses just like what you see in the anime itself. I'm looking for a softer side of it. Maybe a playful one too. Besides, it is controlled by humans so it could deliver some emotions.

Place : My little backyard. Full with grass, and some small flowers. Big normal flowers will make this 1/144 Arios looked tiny. Not good. Took out both my flashes and fired away!

Meeting the flora for the first time.

Ain't no place safe from this 'monkey'.

Big 'furballs'!

Laying on the grass.

Got into a hole and trapped underneath the rock. Arios managed to punch the rocks with great might and style!...............Okay, I made that up. :D

I'm starting to like this Gundam thing and the process of building it. Maybe I would get a new one soon.

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