Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Alpha journey continues part 3

I think most of us are very eager and excited when we have something new. I still remember when I drove my first car for the first time. It was great. Finally I have my own car, and I don't have to rely on my parent's car anymore. And the joy I got when my Honda EX5 was completed after nearly four months of diasembly. It's a looker now, gone were the days where rust and chipped paint were imminent.

When I bring my camera around, it's an excitement too. What will I see today? Any funny people or events that I could capture. Buying the accessories however, is a proud feeling for me. I don't make much money from this hobby, so I save up. It is a great feeling getting something from a hard work. I'm not sure if saving up is hard, but it does takes some time. Hmm...the hardest part is to wait.

Take photos to burn away waiting time. :D

What did I get next? A flash. Sony HVL-F58AM to be exact. I have the smaller, F42 for my current needs but this F58 is better in more ways than one. The flash output is bigger and the back display is made of LCD. The size and weight is more than the f42, and looks prominent when mounted on my a200. With a higher flash power, I can expose my subjects better and brighter. The F58, always been referred to as 'cobra' as it's the only flash that can swivel sideways. This ability enables the photographer to take well-exposed photos in potrait mode.

Turn it to the right.

Stretch it way down. Get low.

What else can I do with this F58? Paired with my F42 and I can have this.

F42 fired from left bottom, f58 snooted on the right.

The wireless capabilities awed me and even awed a seasoned photographer. It happened when I bought the F58 last Saturday. The owner of the shop and I had some interesting discussions about price, lenses and bodies. I'm used to him because I bought my first Canon Pns, the Winer dslr bag and the Tammy at his shop. He is interested to own an a200, or SOny system mainly because of the wireless capabilities. "I want to experiment", he said. I was suprised but somehow proud too.

In came a friend of his. While his friend were looking at some lenses on display, the shop owner told me the friend owns some nice bodies and lenses, which he kept in five dryboxes in his house. Later the friend joined us, and he asked me about my a200's foccusing speed. I said okay(hhmm... I think my okay is different from a seasoned photographer okay). So I let him try with the Tamron attached. He said okay too. So our okay is similar. :D

Then, he saw I bought the F58, and asked why I need another when I already had one. The shop owner replied, "he can do this!".

The friend was suprised with the wireless thing. So he asked if it can be fired from the back of a person. To his suprised, the F58 fired confidently even when the IR receiver is blocked from the camera's view.

Truth is, I was afraid just in case the flash won't fire.

I bid farewell, feeling proud of my camera choice and able to inject some extra poison, even though the poison is actually more towards me. Tamron SP90?...hhmm...

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